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Obesity, Low Back Pain & Plant Foods

Posted Jul 02 2008 8:08am


According to statistics...there are 75 million people in the US that are overweight...which means they weigh between 20-30 lbs more than they should.

There are 67 million Americans that are Obese...which mean they are at least 30 lbs overweight.

About 4.2 million children 6-11 years old and adolescents 12-19 years old are also overweight. These numbers are staggering.

Along with this extra baggage comes an entire laundry list of health risks...including heart attack, cancer, and stroke...and yes...back pain.

Our backs simply cannot deal with the extra stress. It wears down the spinal discs, stretches the ligaments, causes the spinal muscles to overwork...and leads to spinal degeneration and stenosis.

In fact, one of the most common complaints that an overweight person has is low back pain. 

Low back pain does respond very well to chiropractic's probably the most common symptom we treat. But the thing is...unless the patient loses weight...the back pain will keep coming back...and the longer it's there, and the more chronic the problem becomes...the less effective the the treatment will be.

Often times...once a patient with low back pain starts feeling better from chiropractic care...they feel the need to take better care of themselves.  And if the excuse of not being able to exercise is removed...along with a little coaching from the's possible to turn things around.

BUT...only if changes are made at the dinner table. Chiropractic and exercise are great...but the weight will not come off..and STAY OFF...if diet and nutrition are not addressed. 

This is where a plant based diet can really work it's magic. Sure, it's a dramatic change from the food choices of most overweight people...but what's needed is massive action. Not massive action with some fad protein diet...but massive action with something that can be long lasting and will provide ongoing health benefits for a life time.

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