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Obesity As An Immune Disorder III

Posted Nov 17 2009 10:01pm

Here's a new report that links obesity with food allergies.  The study found that children who were overweight/obese were significantly more likely to have food allergies, such as allergy to milk.  The study doesn't suggest the direction of the causality - is it the food allergies leading to obesity, or is it the other way around?

Based on my previous posts, I believe that a disrupted immune system is at the root of both.  It could be that the imbalance of gut bacteria predisposes a person to more food allergies and a higher likelihood of obesity.

In a related study(pdf), overweight people with food allergies were given allergy tests, and then told to avoid these allergic foods for 12 weeks.  The result?  Subjects lost 37 pounds and 30% body fat.  That's a pretty large drop!  Control subjects who followed a low-calorie diet while not avoiding allergic foods actually gained fat.

I think it's becoming clearer that obesity is not just about calories.

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