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Obese and Insulin Sensitive

Posted Feb 10 2010 4:54pm

I found this study(pdf) which I was looking for the other day.  It shows how subjects can have low fasting insulin and yet still be obese.  Usuallyif a person has fasting insulin levels of less than 10 than they are not considered insulin-resistant.  In this studythe obese women had an average fasting insulin level of around 7.

So if insulin resistance is the key to the obesity epidemicthan how can these subjects be obese and yet have low fasting insulin levels?  Some would argue that fasting insulin should be lowerperhaps below 5.  But this is just splitting hairs.  If insulin is the main keythen there's no way that a fasting insulin level of 7 should be compatible with obesity.

Studies like this is why I think inflammation is the root cause of thingsand not insulin resistance.

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