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Obama hangs an ornament of Mao the murderer on his Christmas Tree

Posted Dec 23 2009 5:28pm 1 Comment
Mao killed between 50 and 70 MILLION people to force Communism upon China. And Obama features him on his damn Christmas Tree? Does Obama have any sense of what democracy and freedom is? He is not stupid but he deliberately debases and offends everything American. This man can only be described as evil. I am glad he will be a one term president unless someone decides to kill him first. I am NOT saying someone should. But he seems to be almost asking for it. I am sick to my stomach thinking an American President would do such a thing. See More - White House Christmas Decor Featuring Mao Zedong Comes Under Fire Critics of President Obama are setting their sights on the official White House Christmas Tree, which features controversial ornaments including an orb depicting Mao Zedong and another showing drag queen Hedda Lettuce.
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Anyone falling for this demonic miss information from Fox News is definitely part of the corrupted right wing indoctrination system.   These are alterated photoshop photos cut and pasted on over original White House ornaments photos.   This is a Satanic right wing / Republican / Conservative agentda to covertly dumb up US population to gather support  for  their demonic and corrupted profits, power, greed at the expense of toxifying people, animals and the enviornment to feed such unethical and murderous profits.  Example : the US for profit medical system.   
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