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numbness/pain to my right leg... When I was about 5 months pregnant I noticed that when I would walk

Posted by ren777

When I was about 5 months pregnant I noticed that when I would walk for long periods of time (about an hour) my right upper leg would go numb then it began to turn painful and it continued to get worse as I gained more weight; my doctor kept telling me it was nothing. After I had my baby the numbness continued, but it wasn’t painful like it was during my pregnancy, I am assuming that it’s because I wasn’t carrying that extra weight. I was still curious and went to another doctor to see if I could get an explanation, boy was that a mistake! The doctor broke a tongue depressor in half and scratched me with it. Everyone knows that when a limb becomes numb and it’s touched, poked, or moved it feels weird, right? Imagine getting scratched with a sharp pointy stick. Well, I jumped up, then the doctor has the nerve to tell me that I am wasting his time which totally discouraged me of ever going to another doctor because I felt that they wouldn’t believe me either. Well, a whole 6 years later I find out that I am pregnant again and now I am suffering from the same Jazz, but this time it is a lot worse because I am a lot bigger than I was during my first pregnancy plus the pregnancy weight makes it worse it is just killing me!!! The pain is just severe and is affecting my job and all activities of daily living; I can’t even stand for more than 30 minutes and my doctors said that it comes with the territory, but I have never heard of another pregnant women going through this and I hope that no one ever has too either! It really stinks! So, I hope someone can help me. If I had a million dollars I would give them to the person that could explain what the living hell is wrong with me!!!!! HELP!

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