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November is for Nuts

Posted Nov 12 2012 2:17pm

Before we delve into nutrition fun, I think it would be helpful to introduce myself officially for the Natural Health Chiropractic Blog (for those who haven’t made it to the office since March) I am Dr. Tim Daly, a graduate of New York Chiropractic College. I am a fitness enthusiast, nutrition nerd, and love the musculoskeletal system.  As I get into the exciting world of internet writing, many of you will realize that if nothing else I can be described as practical. A recent addition to the office is my monthly “Dr. Daly’s Nutrition Fact of the Month!”  These are designed to give you simple things to add, subtract, or even modify into your diet and everyday life.  For anyone who hasn’t made it into the office, or has somehow missed the brightly colored postings every month on our doors, the information is now being repackaged for over easy at home use over the internet.

November is the perfect month to talk about nuts (The food, not the people). Nuts are a wonderful addition to any diet, and the science behind them keeps on building. Almonds and Walnuts (Walnuts were the fact for September) are dense with many essential nutrients.  A handful of these nuts provide a healthy dose of protein, healthy fat, and many vital minerals. They are naturally high in Omega 3 Fatty acids (good fats) and loaded with antioxidants.  Regular nut consumption is associated with lowered blood lipid levels which can help towards having a healthy heart. [1] These facts alone point to them as not only a filling snack, but one that provides some very complete nutrition.

But, I am not even done yet!  A famous caveat has always existed with nuts. “Yeah, they are good for you but they are REALLY high in calories and can make you fat!” – said just about everyone ten years ago.  Well, the science may not agree with that… A recent study examined nut consumption with weight gain.  They found that additional calories from nuts in people’s diets not only did NOT lead to weight gain, but in many instances lead to weight LOSS. [2]

As promised, I try to keep my nutrition facts digestible and practical. Nuts are a great addition to any diet- provided you are not allergic! I hope my first addition to this blog is both informative and interesting, and I look forward to filling your computers and brains with knowledge.

[1] Sabate J., Oda K., Ros. E (May 2010)”Nut Consumption and Blood Lipid Levels”. Arch Intern Med (vol 170)  9

[2] Sabate J. “Does regular walnut consumption lead to weight gain?” British Journal of Nutrition (2005), 94, 859-864

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