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Not just living the dream, living the possible...

Posted Aug 19 2011 12:00am
If I were looking down on me I'd think, yeh, there’s good times going for this one: she’s gone back to work and become employee of the year for Thomas Cook, managed to do some teaching, engages in hobbies and tries new things like photography, how to DJ, steel pan lessons!!! Has the most amazing friends in the world, holidays and can drive once more. It seemed impossible just three years ago. I mean heck, I can even laugh without feeling like I'm drawing on my single last breath. 

Other times I'd think hmm...maybe she's a bit of a risk taker: taking her single little lung to Mexico and back, trying to spread a little thinly to different causes (mainly because I'm directly affected by so many!), making unfeasible plans non conducive to good well being in the long run.

Whatever the case I think I'd want me to keep up the fight. Try to do right and keep that future always bright and in sight: sharing, caring, giving, loyal and honest. 

I make it sound easy right and no it's not. I've faced a new set of challenges these past three years: acceptance that there was no Argos money back guarantee, to acknowledge there would be a ceiling to my recovery no matter how hard I pushed. There's an optimum and I have gratuitously accepted it. But I still need to work hard and strive for more. I anticipate the bumps in my journey so they don't hurt me so bad. This protects me emotionally too. I don't think I'm special or that the world owes me anything. 

Looking down on me I'd probably think, wow! That's one gift she loves-the gift of life.
My mum always says I need to treat myself as I would my best friend. Respect my body, mind and soul. Remember life is fragile and delicate. Show my thanks everyday to my donor and their family. Three years today on I'm still rocking but without the gift of life I would be nothing.
Please let life go on...use your Smartphone to scan this code into your phone and join the organ donation register today.  Pop this page on your screen at work and let your mates scan and please pass on this post.  There are many people waiting on the transplant list, desperate to recieve the gift of life.

Big thank you to all the super amazing transplant team that look after me, my mum, my family and my gorgeous friends. To my employers: Thomas cook UK and the lovely ms m that have stood solidly behind me all these years.  To my paramedics who blue lighted me all the way from Surrey to Leeds and then onwards to Newcastle upon Tyne to save my life.

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