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Not Just Clothes, Performance Enhancing Clothes

Posted Sep 14 2008 3:05pm


FanHouse checks in with this little bit about the fancy new swimsuits to be worn in the upcoming Olympics, and how Michael Phelps describes them as the best swimsuit ever made.

“It literally feels like you are a rocket coming off the wall,” said Phelps.

This makes me think of poor Oscar Pistorius. At what point does technological clothing provide enough of a competitive advantage to warrant it an "unfair advantage" that Pistorius is proposed to have?

I know, many countries will have access to the suits, which is different from a double amputee except for the most dedicated of competitors. If running on prostheses was such an advantage, why doesn't every sprinter have a surgeon and a stump wrapper in their contact list?

But just because everyone has the suit, it still raises a question of competition. Perhaps the swim suit could also come with flippers. Should all the marathon runners ride motorcycles this summer?

It might not be a bad idea considering the expected air quality in China!


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