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Not Everything Causes Cancer Afterall

Posted Jul 21 2008 10:19am 1 Comment

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cancer-prevention.jpgA group of researchers are telling us we can relax as studies now show that not everything causes cancer as we commonly read.

According to these researchers, the only cancer-causing things we really need to worry about are smoking, alcohol,andsunlight.  So we can put on our deodorant, drink our coffee, and eat our fruits with pesticides, and have no worry. 

But should we really not worry? 

According to theAmerican Cancer Society, it is expected thatover 1,437,180 cancer cases will be diagnosed in 2008.  They say cancer cases which are most preventable are those cancer cases which occur as a result of smoking, drinking alcohol, and being exposed directly to too much sunlight.  And only about 1/3 of all cancer cases could be prevented by making proper lifestyle choices.

Anyone can get cancer.  While it may be true that no one knows for certain what causes cancer, we do know that by maintaining a healthy lifestyle, we greatly decrease our chances of developing the horrible disease. 

TheAmerican Institute for Cancer Researchrecommends these guidelines for cancer prevention: 

1.  Choose mainly plant-based foods and limit red meat and processed meat.

2.  Be active every day in any way for 30 minutes or more.

3.  Aim to be a healthy weight throughout life.

4.  Avoid sugary drinks and processed foods high in added sugar, low in fiber, or high in fat.

5.  Do not use tobacco in any form.

6.  Limit consumption of alcohol.

We never know from one week to the next what the researchers will be saying.  But it doesn’t take a researcher to tell us that with a little common sense and a healthy lifestyle, we greatly increase our chances of living longer. 

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We will soon need to look at the stress caused by and effects of directed energy weapons (if not already) and cancer.  It can cause tumors and leukemias
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