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No Luck here in Baltimore

Posted by David H.


I have given up on the Medical Field since it has taken forever to get tests or get to the root of my problem. I have been experiencing pain under my right breast bone for about 6 moths now. I  have pain in the center of my back (- when I have the right rib cage pain-) NOW ON BOTH SIDES, and I am tired all the time. I had a "Double Header" Colonoscopy and EDG which showed my GERD is still a problem( Taking Nexium) and nothing else. Aslo had a Ultrasound of the upper right quadrant -Negative for Gall Stones. This all came on suddenly with Diarrhea and gastric pain that lasted about 3 weeks. Now I am left with this pain in my right rib cage, exhaustion, and Oh, blurred vision at times. I feel terrible after eating sometimes. Certain foods tend to put me in bed. HELP PLEASE! This "GI" Doctor stopped looking after the "Double Header shoed nothing in the colon, and only Gastritis and GERD in the Stomach". Something is causing this and I'd like to catch it before it puts me in the ground. Who said the medical system in the USA is the best around?. I cannot seem to get anything accomplished!, the tests take forever to get done. When you have pain,  are on the floor in agony , then they tell you , "Oh, how about march 12th,.....its December!!!

Very Worried in Baltimore 

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