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No Cost of Living for Seniors

Posted Sep 23 2009 10:51pm

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For the first time in history, the Democratic Congress will not allow an increase in the social security COLA ( cost of living adjustment).

In fact, The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation predicts there may not be any COLA for the next three years.

However, the per person monthly Medicareinsurance premium will be increased from the 2009 premium of $96.40 to $104.20 in 2010 and to
$ 120.20 for the year 2011.

This will hurt every senior citizen and disabled person who rely on social security! As the cost of living rises, the money for this group is being cut!

This is the money these people earned; it is not welfare or free. Every person getting social security or social security disability insurance WORKED and paid into this fund for their entire life. Just when they need it, the money is being cut. As it is now, many people live below the poverty line because the payments are so low. If these people would have been able to keep and invest their own money, they would not be in this situation.

Contact your representatives. Let them know how you feel. If you don't speak up now, what will they do next? If you think because you are young and healthy this will never effect you, think twice. Accidents and illness strike without warning.
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