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Nintendo Wii Fit for physiotherapy

Posted Oct 29 2008 12:06pm 2 Comments

Wii Fit

Interesting press release regarding use of Nintendo Wii Fit to benefit young patients undergoing physiotherapy.

Two Lancashire hospitals have taken the unusual step of introducing the Wii Fit computer console into their Physiotherapy Departments to aid the rehabilitation of young patients.

The idea was the brainchild of a 12-year old patient and staff at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, which run Chorley and South Ribble Hospital and Royal Preston Hospital, have purchased two game consoles and fitness games to benefit youngsters undergoing treatment.

The Nintendo Wii Fit aims to promote health and fitness through active games.

Lesley Walters, Head of Physiotherapy, Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, said: “We provide a paediatric and adolescent physiotherapy service. One of our patients suggested it would be a good idea and new and fun way to get youngsters to undertake physiotherapy.

“Physiotherapy sessions for children and young people often use play or diversion techniques to get them to overcome any discomfort or stiffness they may feel.

“Wii Fit is a great way of using computer games to stimulate interest while performing exercises which can be uncomfortable.

“We encourage people to have fun while undergoing physiotherapy and the use of a computer games console which encourages fitness is a fantastic innovation for physiotherapy.

“Two consoles have been purchased and we will be using them in our paediatric and adolescent physiotherapy services at Chorley and South Ribble Hospital and Royal Preston Hospital. It is being used in an increasing number of NHS Physiotherapy departments and I’m sure that it will prove very popular in Lancashire.”

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This is an interesting post.  I've seen more and more about physiotherapy clinics using WII to spark more interest in consistency of exercise.  But with the good news comes some bad news.  It seems that at the very same time that the WII is being touted as a rehabilitation aid, it is also being considered A CAUSE of injury, more specifially repetitive strain injury (RSI).  Here is a resource about Nintendo WII RSI development.  In some cases, lawsuits are starting to pop up as well. Something to consider.
it's interesting that the Wii could be used in this type of work. I'm sure many of the sufferers we deal with would be glad of anything that will help alleviate their symptoms
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