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New years, full moon and thoughts of mistakes of yester year

Posted Dec 31 2009 12:00am

We are two and a half hours from the New Year, it is coming up 9.30p.m Thursday 31st December 2009 New Zealand time. I'm sitting with my son, we just finished pizza, he is on the play station, I;m on here.
We dropped off the girl an hour or so ago for her flight back to Dorkland (Auckland). The Airport was almost deserted apart from a group of Asian tourists and other touristy people.
The girl didn't want to go and wanted to spend new year with me and Ben her bro instead, I felt for her.

Last night I sat by my patio doors looking out at the terrific moon. I grabbed my only pathetic excuse for a camera my mobile phone...oh to have an extendible lens to capture the beauty of the moon with the clouds moving swiftly across it. instead I have the pics above which don't capture the essence and splendour of the vision I so admired. It looked so close, close enough to touch.

As I watched the moon and thought of the new year ahead. Do I still have a job to look forward to?
Will my financial situation be any better, will my daughter fit into her new School?
My health....
The last two days have been quite painful, the kidneys crumping, bleeding, a spasmodic bowel/urinary pouch contractions, labour type pains, I feel the need to empty it often to relieve the pain, but get none.
Yeah its the infection.

The district nurse  tried to withdraw blood from  the P.I.C.C line the other day, it didn't play ball and instead offered up tiny amounts of blood and lots of air W.T.F?
Aside from itching like mad and having some weeping issues, it has not been a problem.
It would be nice to get the leakage fixed somehow(urinary), then I would contend with only infections and not the other rubbish.

How am I feeling hours before New Years, well I'm trying to not throw up, putting up a front for my son, not wanting to ruin his night. He's chatting with me now, while losing his play station game, I was singing to him earlier, it made him lose his game :).

We have made plans for tomorrow, mother and son. I'm enjoying these intimate moments before he grows up and leaves home, which isnt to far away as he is 17 this year coming.
I had thoughts of the Hospital and the situation there after reading a article from the times, I will write about that on my other blog.
My new year resolution....
Be kind
Be patient
Try and give up smoking and proberly get hugely fat instead.
Exercise more
Get more work
Finish my Book
Be healthier
Be more peaceful
Happy New Year Blog Buddies, I wish you all the best
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