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New Urge Incontinence Treatment: Tickling

Posted Mar 22 2010 5:52am

Yes you read it correctly; tickling is the newest treatment against urge incontinence . A high tech foot “tickler” has shown moderate to marked improvement in the treatment of urge incontinence .

This revolutionary device named the Urgent Neuromodulation System stimulates a group of nerves called the sacral nerve plexus. These nerves are involved in regulating the working of the bladder.

How it Works

In a pain-free procedure an electrode which has a fine needle at the end, is placed in the skin near the ankle, when the device is turned on it “tickles” the nerve generating and electrical impulse that will travel all the way up to the sacral nerve.

Each session last for 30 minutes, every week and is carried out as an outpatient procedure and research suggest benefits start to be seen after six weeks.

“This kind of stimulation represents an excellent option for patients who are unwilling or unable to tolerate adverse events from medications” said the researchers from several centres in America.

Bristol NHS Foundation Trust. “It does seem to have the required effects, and those effects seem to last, suggesting a long-term benefit.”

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