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New remedy

Posted Oct 23 2008 1:20pm
Well we've got a stomach bug going through one of the local elementary schools. It appears to be like any other stomach bug.... vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite. Nothing surprising with this bug. There are some folks who think it may have come from one of the items at the school cafeteria.

I had a father stop by to see what he could do to help his kid. Normally I give the whole soda crackers, 7-Up, blah, blah, blah lecture, but this dude was a little different. He had a sheet of plain newspaper with columns of herbal products listed, along with their "dosages" and "indications". Several of the herbal products were crossed off. Apparently the father had tried them already.

First of all, I had never even heard of about 75 percent of the stuff that was on his sheet. I think his reference was a PDR from 1935 or earlier. You could tell that his source was old because he was referring to tinctures and elixers. Not exactly everyday terms in modern times. Especially for the lay public.

After listening to this guy go on for several minutes about his son's condition and what has been used to treat it so far, I gave some advice... most of which was to let the bug run its course and that his son will start eating again when his body was up for it. Since his son was able to hold down fluids, I didn't have a concern about dehydration.

The father listened to my advice, then offered up some more old-time remedies. I restated my advice and advised the father to follow it or to follow up with his child's pediatrician.

The kid isn't going to be taken to a doctor.

Tonight dad is going to cook up another home remedy for intestinal bugs.... sauerkraut.

Why waste my time if you are not going to listen?
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