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New Eyelash Growth Ingredients

Posted Feb 10 2013 1:01am

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Naturalista asks…Are these lash growth products a waste of money, or do they really work, and if so, what is the best product to buy?

The Beauty Brains respond:

Right now your options are very limited. We’ve blogged before about Latisse as an approved drug for enhancing eyelash growth  (It’s based on a bimatoprost derivative.) However, the product does have the potential side effect of permanently increasing the brown coloration of your eye. As of right now, Latisse is the sole product approved by the FDA. However, I found an interesting study published by Shiseido that indicates a couple of other natural materials may  work the same way.

According to a paper published by Moe Tsutsume, et. al, Stevioside, a component of the stevia plant which is used in artificial sweeteners, has the ability to increase the time eyelash hairs spend in the anagen phase of growth. And a longer growth phase means longer lashes. Additional research (which has yet to be published) shows that the extract of the Zizyphus jujuba fruit has similar properties.

For now you’re stuck with Latisse but assuming that  Shiseido continues its research and obtains the proper approvals, you may one day see Stevia or jujuba fruit in new eyelash growth drugs.

References Journal of Japanese Cosmetic Science Society Vol. 31, No. 3, pp. 143-147 (2007)

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