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Never Settle

Posted Dec 10 2007 7:03pm 3 Comments

So I've had my fourth car accident. Had some pain, but nothing permanent, luckily.

I'm realizing, though, that the pain I'm still feeling from my back injury is not something I can let take over my life. I have to keep finding way to treat it, and myself, so that I'm living the best life possible. And I really hope that others in this group are doing the same.

I invite you the share what has worked for you to help you ease your back pain, and open the door for others to explore potential remedies and treatments. Be well!

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Hi Kristen,

I'm sorry to hear about your accident. Are there any community colleges in your area that offer adaptive Physical Education classes? There are often classes offered that help students recover from injuries while building strength to prevent further harm. I took one a few years ago at De Anza College in Cupertino, CA. The class was taught by a former chiropracter who is now a certified adaptive P.E. instructor. I still practice the exercises I learned in that class!

Hi Kristen,

How are you feling now?? Back pain can effect our proper functioning of daliy chores. You know basil leave juice is very effective in any kind of pain. Have you ever tried it? It takes a little time but its quite an useful remedy for pain of any kind.

I believe yoga has a hand in keeping my back stretched and healthy, but I rely on my chiropractor for the most part. After we had our accident , I had a massage therapist for a while too and that really helped. Though our accident was years ago, it seems I'm a clutz and consistently hurt myself. Thankfully, I found a talented chiropractor and over time, my wounds heal.
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