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Neuropathy Treatment: NeuRX-TF

Posted Jan 08 2013 9:39pm

NeuRX-TF treatment for neuropathyNeuropathy is a medical term used to describe damage to the nerves that disrupts the communication between the skin, muscles and joints with the brain. Peripheral refers to the body parts on the outer edge of the body, such as the feet, legs, arms and hands. The peripheral nerves carry information from the extremities to the spinal cord and the brain. Sensory nerves carry sensations, such as hot, cold, pain, vibration and position sense to the brain. The most common type of neuropathy is a sensory peripheral neuropathy.


Sensory peripheral neuropathy means that the sensory nerves carrying sensory information to the brain are not functioning properly and the result can be burning, tingling, numbness and electrical pain. Although there are many causes of neuropathy, diabetes is the most common cause of sensory peripheral neuropathy.


NeuRX-TF™ is a new treatment for peripheral neuropathy and contains alpha lipoid acid, acetyl L carnitine and methyl B12. NeuRX-TF™ claims to decrease the burning, tingling, numbness and shooting pains associated with neuropathy, but there is little research on the actual product. But, the products contents have been studied fairly extensively. In the International Journal of Endocrinology a meta-analyis showed that 300 mg of alpha lipoic acid twice a day improved neuropathic pain after three weeks. In Diabetes Care, a study showed that acetyl L-Carnitine improved vibration perception and decreased pain in individuals with pain associated with peripheral neuropathy. High doses of methyl B-12 have been found to promote nerve regeneration. The combination of these these three active ingredients are what makes NeuRX-TF™ unique, but it’s important to remember that it’s not clear if the combination of these products has an advantage. NeuRX-TF™ includes:

  • alpha lipoic acid 350 mg
  • acetyl L-carnitine 250 mg
  • methyl B12 1000 mcg

There are many emerging treatments for peripheral neuropathy which is encouraging for those suffering from painful peripheral neuropathy. NeuRX-TF™ does not require a prescription, but cannot be found at your drug store. It is one treatment that is only available through a physician’s office (podiatrist or neurologist), although it appears that it can also be purchased on the internet. NeuRX-TF™ should be taken twice a day and side effects include impact on blood sugar levels, skin rash and stomach upset.


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