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Nerve damage after having blood drawn

Posted by XOXO

I had a cortisol test done at the endocrinologist’s office this past Wednesday. I had blood drawn, a drug designed to stimulate cortisol production injected, and then blood drawn again 45 minutes later. Both times I had the blood drawn, the nurse had to "fish around" for my veins. This has happened to me before (my veins are small and not terribly close to the surface), and although it was painful, the first time I didn't think much of it. However, the second time the nurse drew my blood, using my other arm, not only did she have to fish around for the vein longer than the first time, but when she finally put the needle in the vein, it hurt terribly. Usually I am very good with pain, and even watch as the nurse draws my blood, but this was just not normal, especially with the pain from a needle digging around in my arm for about a minute before hand. Then, the nurse was having issues pushing the button that retracts the needle, and as she finally pressed it, my arm twitched and I felt a pull from my elbow down to the palm of my hand. It felt like she had damaged my nerve. However, when I looked up at the doctor (she had come in for the second round of blood drawing, making the poor nurse incredibly nervous) and told her "my arm twitched," her answer was "it could be the pressure from the tourniquet." I didn't believe this because it felt like something from inside my arm as a result of the needle moving around, but didn't say anything else about it. Now, four days later, I still feel a pull from my elbow to palm along with a very uncomfortable tingling feeling whenever I extend my arm too quickly or lift something. I assume that the nurse has damaged a nerve in my arm. Is there anything I can or should do about this? How long will it take for it to heal?
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I just had the same thing happen to me on Friday.  I went to an independent lab to have blood drawn, and the woman who did it seemed to be flustered and in a hurry.  She poked me, and my whole arm felt like I had stuck it in a light socket.  Now, three days later, my left thumb and portions of my palm periodically feel like I'm being electrocuted...all the way up my forearm.  The pain & feeling is becoming more pronounced and frequent.  I'm waiting for my doctor to call me this morning.  I'll try to post another answer after he calls me back...
DIDO!!!! And on Friday as well....When I called the nurse said..huh I've never heard of that happening..that was reassuring, I was hoping for ...that happens all the time but I was told ibuprofen, ice and call back if needed but go to the ER if I loose feeling in my fingers or can't grasp things..  Yes post when you get a call back.. Im trying to not freak out.. I kinda use my left arm on a regular basis...Hoping its temporary...I guess just wait it out...Mine even feels kinda warm and tingly with sharp pains when I move it....

Hello, my bracheal nerve damage is not due to blood drawing but this nerve damage seems to have been occurred during MUA (manipulation under Anaesthesia). My family doctor explained me that sometimes when the head is streched away from the sholder and the shoulder is preassed down hard while performing MUA, the nerves in that area are stretched a little too far and that causes such pain. It may take months to heal or it may take years and if I am that lucky , I will get this FREE GIFT due to MUA procedure!

To me it seems it might have been damaged when the Anaesthesiologist gave me pain block injection on the nerve on the neck before MUA. I don't know what has caused the damage, but I did not have such burning pain and severe shoulder pain before MUA. BTW, I have calcific tendonitis for which my doctor preferred to treat "frozen shoulder" first with this MUA procedure, instead of treating my original problem.

Now I am stuck with 2 problems insted of one!! My whole arm is gradually loosing flexibility and I see my arm is turning little bit inward, that I noticed while I go for a walk!

The Nerve conduction test showed no damage, but I do know there is SOME damage!

Worried as when and how it would be cured?

Does anybody has suffered similar problem? Did they find releif from such pain and loss of flexibility?

I searched this topic because the same thing happened to me on Monday...I had blood drawn from my left AC and even though I get blood drawn every 6mo and have been since birth, this time I got a shooting pain (as described above) from my AC to my wrist. I didn't think much of it, it stopped when she took out the needle, and I was fine the next day, it's now 5 days later and I can't even extend that arm fully because it sends that shooting pain along with a strange rush of warmth all up my forearm. I am a nurse, and cannot work like this. I've tried ice and soaking it in hot water for varying lengths of time for the last 2 days to no avail. If anyone solves this please post a remedy because this is unbearable.
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