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neobladder still leaks on

Posted Nov 19 2009 10:08pm
With disappointment and a heavy heart, i don't believe the botox has worked. Yesterday I was totally bummed out and didn't want to share this. The leaking has no rhyme or reason except that unless I stand 24 hours a day, I can not be guaranteed being dry. I have still being trying to use just gauze and tape and pretend all is well...but it isn't.

It will leak at 350 mils, 300 mils, sometimes up to 450 mils I'm not sure how I achieve the 450 mils however.

It starts with a tickle then I'm wet. Also as of today the infection is back, manky skanky nasty urine, a temperature this morning, and the outside of the stoma is all red. Its not red from the contact of urine, because I ensure that doesn't happen, so I don't know what it is, some kind of inflammation.

Also compared to surgery last year in which I was repainting my whole house within three weeks of surgery, I am so damn lethargic. This procedure was nothing in comparison to last years surgery in September, yet I'm so unbelievably tired.

I wish I had something happier to write about, but I don't aside from having a great time on Odettes farm today with Amy also, chatting with other net friends and having a nice clean sparkly house (after I dragged my pathetic bum off my man cave couch).
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