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Need To Boost Your Mood? Try Some Physical Activity!

Posted Oct 20 2008 5:47am
Have you ever noticed how when you sit around for long periods of time you become moodier (at least I do) and then when you get up and do something physical you seem to feel better? Now a new British health survey of 20,000 people reveals that any kind of physical activity can actually lift your spirits. Researchers also noted how little physical activity it actually took to make a difference- just one to three 20 minute sessions a week reduced the chances of suffering from distress such as depression. The biggest impact came from doing anything-apparently even sweeping, mopping, etc for at least 20 minutes every day. “Daily activity knocked down the distress score by more than half ”, says Mark Hamer, Ph.D., of University College London.

It is nice to know that you don’t have to do aerobics for an hour a day or run a marathon to get the mood lifting benefits (because with me that is not going to happen right now) .

Between my children, work and the animals I feel like I never really sit still so maybe this is why I am a generally happy person. So, go out and take a nice walk, or mop those floors-you will feel better!
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