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Natural Healing of Pain and Injury

Posted by Tracii H.

There are many natural cures and preventatives for bodily pain and injury. Here are a few that you may not know about: -----Vitamin E for burns. Apply topically to burns and take orally until healed. This speeds healing and prevents scarring. -----Cayenne for painful joints. Mix cayenne pepper powder with some medium like lotion, creme or butter and apply to painful area. Works for arthritis, NOT skin injury! -----Chamomile tea for ulcers and heartburn/indigestion. Chamomile soothes burning sensations in the stomach. -----Tea tree oil for cuts and scrapes. Wash with cool water and peroxide, then apply 1-2 drops of tea tree oil to prevent infection. Can also be used in shampoo as a dandruff treatment.
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