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Nail Fungus No More!

Posted May 05 2010 6:30pm
Nail Fungus No More!

Nail Fungus No More!

Dr. Ben,

A little over a month ago I read about toe nail fungus on in your Health Concerns section . I have followed your instructions ever since for my toenails, and I can definitely see new clear nails growing in.
However, they are still thicker than normal. Does this mean my nails are still infected?
Also, can I stop now since I’ve done this for a little over the 30 days suggested?
I’m just not sure whether the fungus is dead or not, and I don’t want it to relapse!

Thank you!

Hi Claire -

Great news that you are seeing clear nails coming in. That’s fantastic.

New nails grow in from the base. Thus, the nails will still be thick on the outer ends until the new nail comes in fully.

The fungus on the end may or may not be dead. You do have clear nail coming in so the new nail is not infected by fungus.

Go ahead and stop soaking for now. Keep an eye on the new nail growing in. If the new nail continues to get larger in size and grow out, you are good to go.

If you notice that it continues to grow out for a little while longer and then cease, soak again until you see more progression of only clear nail, then stop.

I highly recommend - breathable socks which wick moisture away. Avoid cotton completely.
- go barefoot as much as you can or use open toe shoes.
- go to the beach and walk in the sand and ocean.
- take one Acidophilus sachet and place in a bit of water. Drink with dinner for 7 nights. This is key to providing proper balance of healthful bacteria in the digestive system which is necessary for proper digestion and proper immune function.
- take Silicea 6x Cell Salt by Hylands , Fundamental Sulfur Powder 300 grams MSM
and Kali Sulph 6x Cell Salt by Hylands for nail strength.

You’re on your way to clean nails!

If you should have any questions, please do ask!

In health,
Dr Ben

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