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my wife has been bleeding for nearly 5 months now after natural child birth,very concerned now

Posted by steve

she has seen our gp who in the first instance prescribed anti biotics for a possible infection,to no avail,still bleeding,amount of blood varies but colour is consistently bright red fresh looking blood,occassional small clots too. Suzy also had blood tests which found there to be nothing wrong. She is now awaiting a scan'just to sure'. In between these appointments we are now getting concerned,still not knowing why this is happening. any advice would be much appreciated.

Worried husband  Steve

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I too have been bleeding for the past 5 months after birth also happened with previous birth. I don't have any answers sorry, but would also like some. I was given depo provera pills, the depo Jab to no avail. Please keep me informed if and when you find out what the issue is, thanks Donna
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