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My two year old is on antibiotics to treat a strep throat. He is complaining of pain on his gums and teeth. He

Posted by syguevara

My son is two years old. We went to the doctor (saturday) two days ago and he prescribed amoxicillin. He is taking 5 cc three times a day. He's been having fevers since thursday night, and is still getting fever of 101.0. I am treating it with ibuprofen, 7.5 cc q8h. But he keeps complaining of pain in his gums and teeth. He isnt eating, but i'm getting fluids down. Is there some type of mouth wash that may help him? Something that can eleviate his discomfort and pain in his gums? should I take him to the dentist or call the doctor and take him again. I've already spent $180 in a 10 minute office visit. And it seems like i'm not seeing too much improvements. Should I just wait longer? I'm really worried about the pain he's complaining about.
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