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my stool exam result is the pus cell= 0-1,what does it mean?

Posted by plum

just had my stool exam and i the doctor told me that there was blood in my stool.the color is dark brown.she told me i might had a history of amoebiasis.please help me.
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Amoebiasis can range from mild diarrhea to dysentery.  It can cause cysts in your liver.  I would've expected more white blood cells (WBC) in your stool if you were infected.  Likewise, I wonder what made your doctor comment about blood in your stool (unless you're the same person who wrote in another community about 0-1 RBC.  Was it hemoccult positive?  Best to go back for clarification.  If there really is blood in your stool, you'll need a colonoscopy & EGD (esophagoduodenoscopy) for a complete evaluation.  Good luck!
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