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my sinues have been bleeding, why is this happening?

Posted by searise

yesterday morning i was diagnoed with sinusitis and recieved a prescription for zithromax.  i waited to fill the prescription because i figured i was young and healthy and generally wary of taking antibiotics when it isn't really necessary.  i felt crappy all day but rested and didnt do much of anything except take a decongestant, guafinex and day cold/night cold medication.  i had been sick with the cold for 3-4 days at this point and was actually feeling worse, hence the doctor visit.  BUT after i woke up at 3 am and went to the bathroom to drain my sinues, whanot i was shocked to discover it was all bloody.  i drove to the 24 hour pharmacy and filled the prescription and began the course of antibodies immediately.  that was 5 hours ago, and i am still having the bloody drainage every other time or i clear my sinues (which i have been doing frequentely thanks to the decongestants) how do i get the bleeding to stop, i dont have a humidifier, and suggestions?

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