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My Purpose

Posted Nov 24 2007 12:00am
Why did I start blogging besides wanting to be like everyone else in the cyber-universe?

I came of age in the 60's. Like everyone else, I wanted to change the world. I still do. I want to inspire us all to make something better and different from what we have.

Primarily, my focus is to change medicine and psychiatry. I wish to re-animate the world, to re-infuse our field with the spirits of shamanism, to keep what works and discard what doesn't, to overthrow our worship of theory for a love of possibility, to support what is beautiful and transformative among people, to support hope, faith, and love, and to defy the idea that people are defective, that change is impossible, and that mechanism is everything. I wish to return art and spirit to health care, to explore what is healing and what does it mean to heal and be healed.

Within larger arenas I am interested in how we can build healthy communities, use communities to support health, and replace punishment and retribution with reconciliation and forgiveness.

I hope to explore these and other topics within this blog as time progresses and to engage others who share my purpose and interests.
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