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My Online MS Journey is coming to an end ....

Posted Jun 10 2011 10:51am
In 2001 MS became me, and I became MS

I started my "msplaques" blog in 2007 as both an online journey for myself and for others who have MS or other chronic illnesses that they must deal with and journey through. When all is said and done, each chronic disease is a cluster of symptoms that each of us tries to deal with and manage in our daily lives. In 2001 MS became me, and I became MS. I started chronicling my journey through articles, YouTube videos and this blog. Since 2007 I have had this and that surgery or procedure... dealt with misdiagnosis, mystery diagnosis and all of the stuff that so many of you who deal with chronic illnesses go through. But my journey with this blog is coming to a close.

I have begun branching out into new parts of my life and exploring new things. My reality is constantly changing I have decided to make the larger part of the pie about living better as a person not just a person with neurological and autoimmune diseases. My decision comes from taking my focus away from the things that are wrong about me and shifting my focus to the things that are right. Under the skin ... I've lived and continue to live a very full life. I love my life and wouldn't trade it with anyone. I am blessed in every way.

I am settled into the world of retirement now and medically stable. Each day is a new adventure and as I deal with the chronic sides of my conditions I can do so happily, secretly and with a smile. I am venturing outside of myself and stretching my wings into new things. Pushing my envelope in the area of learning and doing. I will no longer limit myself in ways I have predestined to limit myself because of disease process .... instead I will embrace the new things and adventures life has to bring. I will work through my demons, fears, obstacles and anything that has kept me from being the best "me" and has kept my evolution still.

Life continues to challenge me, but I see it with new eyes. New hobbies and new focus. Today begins the day I start anew and focus on the possibilities in life instead of the limitations. Since I started this blog in 2007, it's been about symptoms, grieving and limitations. New focus brings me to new possibilities. Instead of "I can't" ... "I can".

I am involved with a new hobby as a Ham Radio operator. That blog can be found here at ... this is more the essence of who I am, and who I am becoming. A gentle shift of focus from the inside happenings to the airwaves and to that which surrounds me. It's about "giving" in a totally different way. I may have said or not said it here in this blog: but "Ham Radio has saved my life".

Life is good. Onward to more interesting things, onward with life.

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