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My nose has been running and I have been sneezing non-stop for atleast 10 months, what could the cause be?

Posted by autumnleavze

I have had a runny nose for almost 10 months. I am constantly blowing my nose and sneezing, even through out the winter. I take a daily ephederine pill to help slow in down, but nothing works, the sneezing and runny nose wake me at night, and never stops. My nose is now raw on the inside as well as outside, and it is becoming painful to breath out of my nose. What could cause this?
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You probably have allergies (indoor/food). You need to watch your diet very carefully, I recommend

avoiding wheat and dairy. Eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. Take a food-based multi-

vitamin everyday. I would go off the ephedrine, its probably making it worse.

Take a lot of nettles in capsule form (natural anti-histamine), take up to 12,000 mg of vit c a day (you can't overdose on it, if you get a diarhea you are taking too much)

 Try taking echinacea as well, it is an immune boosting herb.About four capsules a day.

and also quercetin is a natural antihistamine, these things are found at health food stores,

and i found them very helpful. Also try stress reduction techniques such as meditation and gentle yoga, and drink herbal tea (nettles tea also).


If you follow these instructions, I guarantee your condition will be improved at least 75%.

Your immune system is down, and these things are to boost it.


You might enjoy the book called "Food as medicine"- dr khalsa

and andrew weil's stuff as well.

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