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My nieces 6 month old has a cough could it be due to cat urine

Posted by martha

The  grandmother has cats and she lets them urinate all over the house the baby has been coughing alot
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They say pregnant women should not be near cats or handle the litter box due to exposure to the disease Toxoplasmosis.

However, cat urine odor contains harmful elements like ammonia, aminess, mercaptans and skatole gases, which are emitted from urine. These components can cause respiratory problems and pneumonia in children so it's important to treat cat urine odors quickly so they do not increase in concentration.
A similar question was posted on 'YaHoo! Answers' and I copied this answer from 'Arindell'  there.
I hope this helps...
Urine fumes are very irritating to the respiratory tract. An infant should not be exposed to them. Why is the grandmother allowing the cats to urinate everywhere? Is she possibly senile?
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