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My new storm door hit me on the ankle, how do I know if I cracked a bone or bruised it? It hurts! It is swollen. It is red aroun

Posted by Linda

I am using ice but doesnt seem to help. I HAVE to drive in 5 days for a long distance!
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In the medical office and especially in an urgent care facility or emergency room, we use the Ottawa ankle/foot rules to determine who needs an xray to diagnose a possible fracture.  From your description, I can't tell if you your bone pain is in the area of concern.  However, an inability to put your full body weight on the affected foot/ankle for at least 4 steps warrants an xray.

You're doing good by applying ice to your injury (remember to apply heat to an infection) but it won't get rid of pain from either a fracture or bruise.  Instead, the idea of icing down the injured area is to prevent swelling.  You can reduce swelling further by elevating the affected limb.

Since you need to drive a long distance, best to go see your family physician now for his/her opinion and to give yourself some reassurance.

I apologize but I still haven't figured out how to link appropriate (maybe it's my Chrome browser? I have to blame someone else!) but check out for more information.  Good luck! 

Looks like I better start composing in Mozilla Firefox!

Thank  you!

I finally went to my Dr she says it is a bone bruise.....Suck it up she says......  so guess I shall..

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