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My Morning Cup .... Wednesday Morning

Posted Sep 12 2008 9:17am
I have one of those K-cup coffee makers so one of the first things I stumble to is my coffee maker. This morning I drank a cup of Green Mountain Nantucket Blend -- one of my favorites. One cup does not cut through the fog though. It was 6:30 and I got up to take some of my morning MS medications (a Copaxone injection and Lyrica for a lot of the nerve pain that I deal with). After coffee and meds, I decided to brew a cup of my favorite Coca Tea. This morning it is a cup of Windsor Coca.

I have switched between the Windsor and the Lupi Coca and find that they are quite comparable. I would actually have to have both of them side by side to see if I could notice a difference in color or taste. I'll make sure to do that soon.

I'm sipping on my cup now. I tend to drink my Coca Tea with the bag in the cup all the way to the last drop. I want to make sure I get the most from each bag. I have tried using a coca tea bag a second time and have found that for me .... the second cup is just not strong enough. So my preference is for the "bag in" the cup until I have finished.

I am halfway through my first cup of the day and I can feel my lungs sucking in air a little easier (I am an asthmatic who takes a combination of medications: Advair, Zyrtec, and Albuterol as needed). I would like to share Coca Tea with both my Neurologist who specialized in Multiple Sclerosis and my Allergy/Asthma doctor who runs a lot of studies. I tend to be allergic to a lot of things -- but Coca Tea does not bother me (neither does Chamomile).

Enough for now. I am finding that my Coca Tea sales are dribs and drabs (I don't keep that much on hand) but I will have to import more soon. I love the stuff and love sharing it.
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