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My Mind, My Body And Gold’s Gym

Posted Oct 19 2010 12:00am

Evening everyone! Who says that you can’t go home again? I have taken the first of many steps to help make my ” Mind / Body ” connection that much stronger. After better than 10 years ( more like almost 11! ) years away from weightlifting in any type of a gym setting…I returned to the scene of my crime… Golds Gym of Middletown . To be honest with everyone in my reading audience, this has been a very ” Slow ” and in all honesty ” Painstaking ” occurrence…and I’m using this term because at the moment another simply escapes me. One of my friends at my current ( soon to be ” Previous ” ) place of work has gotten back into weightlifting and we have talked back and forth for some time about his progress, and what he hopes to accomplish in the future…and his younger son has also become a member and has been lifting for a while, and I saw this young man today and he looked just great for his age, and I predict will become a ” Natural ” monster as long as he stays focused. Anyway, I decided after I took my wife to work today ( as I had the day off to go to my second job interview with my ” NEW ” place of employment! ) that I would finally take the step and just see what I may be able to handle as far as a real workout. Stepping back inside my old gym almost felt magical…and it took me back to years earlier when I sweated and worked hard to improve my physique and overall health. And of course, I did get to see some people who I knew from the past and said my hello’s and one of the gym partners named Greg recognized me as a past member and we chatted for a bit and I explained what had happened to me since my having been there, which of course had much to do with Churg Strauss Syndrome and my continuing efforts to promote awareness of Vasculitis. And of course I brought up my idea of doing some sort of a case study that would feature the gym and of course have a focus on the Mind/ Body connection in relation to exercise and eating habits. I want to thank Greg for even taking the time to talk with me at all, as I’m sure he had more important things to attend to than speaking to an out of shape past member. Well, I’ve already had my dinner, my body is starting to feel a bit soar, and I’m hitting the sheets around 10:30 so time to say goodnight until my next post. Lew

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