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My Life As It Was, Is, and Will Be

Posted Aug 24 2008 3:44pm

Looking For A Little Inspiration, Fun And Spirituality? Look No Further!

I am sharing with you today some health for your soul and mind. I think that if your heart and mind are in the right place your body will soon follow. The blog I am telling you about today will be food for your soul-it is for mine and I never miss reading this blog.

You know that feeling when you meet someone for the first time but feel like you've known them your entire life or you read something and it just clicks and speaks directly to your soul like it has always been there? That is how I felt immediately upon reading the blog My Life As It Was, Is, and Will Be . It was such a wonderful relief to read someone else's words that spoke straight to who I was, and to who I think that most of us are. Sarah, the author has a real knack for expressing her own feelings that draws the reader in. Her blog is described by her as- a
blog that takes everyday occurrences and finds personal value in them. Using inspiring quotes and a spiritual theme the blog should be something just about anyone can relate to (she is also a big yoga fan for you yoga lovers). Several times I have gotten tears in my eyes (I am not one to tear up or cry often) at a post she has written. Not because I feel sad but because of the intensity with which she writes and the familiarity that her situations brings to most people's lives. Her words can really dig deep down and touch your soul (I am not trying to be corny but it is just so true). If your looking for inspiration, spirituality or even a little entertainment you will want to visit My Life As It Was, Is, and Will Be . Below are a few of my favorite posts by Sarah from her blog.

My Life As It Was, Is, and Will Be -A Few Of My Favorites

**Everything I Needed To Know I Learned From My Dog
-So true (how does she think of this stuff?) . I think she should write a book of inspiration and this should be the title.

1.) Do not beg for food. It will arrive sooner or later.
2.) Wait 'til it's polite to excuse yourself to the bathroom.

3.) Pamper yourself at a salon with a good shampoo rinse.
4.) Don't yell at your neighbors. It's impolite and a nuisance.

5.) Look both ways before you chase your tennis ball into the street.
6.) Brush your hair every day so you won't lose it.
7.) Treats are good for you once in a while. But you must earn them.
8.) Do not bite strangers.
9.) Obey your parents.
10.) Learn to trust with an open heart. Practice loyalty

**She Embodies Kindness - A post ab out Mother Teresa, her unwavering kindness and how you can share kindness.

I can think of five ways we can recapture Kindness:
1.) Offer to take a new co-worker out to lunch. You buy.
2.) Shovel snow for your neighbor who is unable to. Do it anonymously.
3.) Meet that friend for coffee so she can share her troubles. Listen intently.
4.) Volunteer at a soup kitchen. Take your children.
5.) Drive your grandmother to her Doctor's appointment. Sit and wait .

**Chicken And Egg s - A wonderful post about perfection and how some of us strive for it. My favorite quote from it is-"
The problem with perfection is that you miss out on what you've accomplished along the way. You're blind to how far you've come. And in doing so, you lose the pleasure of moving forward." I posted this on my refrigerator so I remember it everyday.

There is not one post that I do not enjoy from Sarah's blog so it was hard to only pick those three to share with you. I didn't want to spoil all the fun for you so that when you visit My Life As It Was, Is, and Will Be -you can feel as enchanted as I was. If you are looking for a little peace and some food for your soul please visit Sarah today here . I promise that you will glad you did.

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