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my knees click when i walk, and are very achy lately, what is up?

Posted by bailey

if i move my knees the wrong way i get a very sharp pain. bending down is also painful at times.
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You probably have arthritis which is eating away at the cartilege between the bones in the knee socket. If you have had a knee replacement, then you should not have that pain, but clicking occurs at the beginning, after the replacement. As to the pain at certain wrong movements, that also occurs at any time after the replacement, because that joint does not have as good a fit or flexibility as our natural cartilege. After initial wrong turns – very painful – I have learnt to be aware of my feet and leg movements; they have to be in sync, i.e. in the same direction, no twisting. Then there is no pain. I hope this answers your present and future problems. I recommend replacement depending on age. If you are sixty, or younger, there is a new cartilege growth-development in sight – the best solution for worn out joint problem!
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