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My Father’s Day Video Message And Also What’s Coming Up On The Blog

Posted Jun 20 2010 12:00am

Good afternoon everyone and a Happy father’s Day to those of you out there who are dads!

Check out the video below…

I recorded this late yesterday and while I said in the video that I would not be doing any work today…well the best laid plans and all of that stuff…anyway I’m writing this while finally watching a dvd series from the history channel that I’ve owned for at least a year now…so

It’s a beautiful day here in upstate NY, but way too hot for me to be outside doing anything. I have come to notice over the past month, that when I do work outdoors and it’s very sunny and hot ( notice I used the term ” HOT ” rather than just warm ) that after maybe 15 minutes or so outside under those conditions, I tend to get very disoriented, and I actually start to have moments where I feel like I am going to just pass out…so I can only be outside under these conditions for just very short periods of time…kinda sucks actually.

Anyway, so today just happens to be one of those days, so here I am writing this post! :)

Anyway, coming up on the blog…I am going to finish up the two series that I am writing about, My Second Year Living With Churg Strauss and my series about Churg Strauss: Recovery Through The Mind/Body Connection…and after this I want to focus on a topic that I have only spoken about once, Diabetes and how the patient who has CSS is effected by this disease as I was diagnosed as being pre-diabetic back in August of 08 and Diabetes runs in my family.

I am also going to have my daughter ( in between moments of annoying and aggravating one another ) actually write a post or two about her condition Immune Thrombocytopenic Purpura or ” ITP ” for short.

As I’m writing this I have started to notice that our family seems to have blood diseases running though it…interesting.

I also want to ask my ” Newsletter ” subscribers to please contact me as far as the downloading of  ” My Guide To Living With Churg Strauss ” that is linked in the newsletter, as I think there is an issue and you may need a password to access this free content.

Just send me an email at and let me know that you need the passswords to access the PDF down load.



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