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my family has been very ill with bad cramps diarrhea so bad and the smell is like sulfur, rotten eggs do u know any illness with

Posted by nisieway

also the illnesses the whole family has had also had bad vomiting with that same rotten egg smell and like sulfur. is there anything you might beable to explain why these things are happing to this family. there has been many wwarnings that e.coli is in there drinking water and have been told not to drink or wash hands with this water.  if you can tell me of anything that would cause the whole family to become so ill with these systoms it's very much needed.

thank you

i thought maybe they were having possible gas leak in the home since natural gas has the smell of rotten eggs and like sulfur. either way i would like to help with this if i could since they are not insured for any medical care.

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