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My Case Study: A Natural Cure For Asthma…My Thoughts & Conclusions

Posted Jun 02 2010 12:00am

Okay, as I’m sure everyone is aware by now, I have ended my case study titled ” A Natural Cure For Asthma ” and I’m sure that everyone is also aware that this case study had a false start at best back in January, and I had to do a reboot in February but I really had hoped to get some excellent results from this study but that just was not the case.

First let me state that any time someone like myself with all the issues that I have as far as Churg Strauss and Asthma is concerned, doing a case study like this one is doubly hard between my working in an environment that is less than sympathetic towards my having asthma, and the constant adjustments that I make for my prednisone dosages, as I  adjust them due to just how bad my chest congestion is and just how terrible I may be feeling .

The main objective of this whole case study was to see how my asthma would respond to taking certain supplements that were supposed to enhance my respiratory system, with the intent to reduce my need to use my Advair and my Albuterol Inhaler.

I started the study back in January of this year, and after a few weeks I had to back off of it due to some really terrible January weather, which of course effected my asthma, thus sending me to my Pulmonary doctor, and raising my prednisone dosage to 40mgs per day in order to adjust and keep my chest clear.

As I started to adjust, and feel somewhat better ( which pretty much took most of the rest of January ) I felt that I had to wait and restart the study in February and so I did.


So what was really happening during the study which ran from February until near the end of May? Well there was a lot of things happening behind the scenes of the study, which would actually begin back in February ( yes, I know I had just restarted it back in February ) but if you remember we had a really terrible winter storm here in upstate NY, and I found myself dealing with terrible chest congestion, shortness of breath and more before the storm even had actually started. I was starting to have issue on the Tuesday ( that’s a full two days before the storm would hit us on a Thursday afternoon ) before the storm would actually hit us on Thursday, and have to dig myself out on Friday…literally, as my snow blower went on the fritz and I actually had to use my snow shovel to dig out more than two feet of snow.

Trust me there was a lot of anger and cursing throughout that whole day. My advair usage that whole weekend was twice a day, every twelve hours without missing a dosage . I used my inhaler pretty often that weekend, and even worse I had to use my nebulizer twice that weekend to facilitate my breathing as the other two just were not enough to get me through.


March was my best month, actually. My advair usage was down to once a day, and sometimes I even able to skip a day and a half before my place of business would just get the better of me ( I sooooo… need to find a job where I’m not breathing in perfume fragrances on an everyday basis! ) and I almost did not need my inhaler at all. I was pleasantly surprised by this and I was very encouraged by the results of March.

I actually felt that just maybe the supplements were starting to kick in and actually make a contribution to this whole thing.


April turned out to be a mixed bag actually, as we had some decent weather, but the fumes in the factory seemed to just really cause me some issues. I started to experience some real issues with my breathing, and I know that most of the people at my job are aware of my condition, but honestly most either just do not get what I live with, or they just do not care. Either way, I know that if I see someone I know dragging themselves through their workday…literally…I may just actually see if they are alright.

Okay, that being said my asthma attacks seemed to start to escalate near the end of April into May…


May would see some serious asthma attacks such as the ones that occurred here and here , and I know the way I did this just now is a bit lame, but it’s late in the evening and I want to make sure that I finish this post before I head to bed, so between the asthma attacks and my lack of being able to get a handle on my overall condition,  I was just at a point where I had to make a decision as to if it was worth continuing this experiment and I just could not justify continuing the case study with the type of results I was getting.

Honestly, I was not sure just how this whole thing was going to workout, and I honestly did not have high expectations for this, the reason being that after I went downstairs to the production floor, I knew that there were going to be some issues due to the fact that I was going to be directly exposed to the chemicals again that I thought I had left behind better than three years ago.

I was actually excited about the thought of taking supplements ( any kind actually ) as I haven’t actually used any type of a supplement since I stopped doing any sort of body building better than eleven years ago at Golds Gym so I had an inkling of what supplements had done to enhance my body building routines, so naturally I had assumed ( and yes I know the old adage about the word ” assume ” ) that taking these supplements were going to really make things happen for me with this case study.

Again, I refer you to the paragraphs above to possibly help explain just why these supplements ” Never Had A Chance ” to be effective at all.

Poor Supplements:(

So, to be fair I had at least a month and a half where ” Possibly ” the supplements actually made it possible for me to use my advair and my albuterol inhaler ” Less ” which is all I wanted to accomplish in the first place to be honest.

Look, it’s tough enough just trying to simulate a normal life with all of this stuff which has a foothold on my life at this point, so trying any type of an ” Experiment ” is going to be a crap shoot at best, with all of the different variables that seem to just creep in and assert themselves in just about everything that I do so I actually think that in the big scheme of things in My Domestic Life, this was a sort of victory for me and the experiment, and I am not going to say that I was not just a bit disappointed with my overall results but just maybe someone out there in my reading audience may just give this a go for themselves and possibly experience a somewhat better result.


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