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my calves ache a lot and at night it is sometimes difficult to sleep as I feel I need to get up and move around. Also have ache

Posted by alfie

when my legs ache, I can't keep them still and become very restless.  Being on an airplane is hard as I can't sit still for very long (have learned to get an aisle seat).  This has ben going on for quite a few years but it's only been in the last year that my buttocks also ache to the point that sitting in a car or chair for an extended period of time is very uncomfortable.  I'm 64 years old, on high blood pressue meds which work very well, and am getting off some of the excess weight (need to lose about 20 pounds I'd guess).

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Maybe you want to look into Restless Leg Syndrome. I don't know your symptoms exactly but I'd say looking into it some more, doing some research. Could it be that your legs are simply tired and you experience muscle weaknesses when you relax your legs? 
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