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my 4year old suffers with his tonsils every month he misses school decase of fever and swollen tonsils. what is recommended?

Posted by Akai

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The recent "official" recommendations by the American Academy of Otolaryngology (Ear, Nose and Throat) and the American Academy of Pediatrics say that your son would have to suffer from 7 infections in one year, or 5 per year in each of 2 successive years, or 3 per year for 3 successive years to remove the tonsils. Many ENT doctors (including myself) believe this is excessive and that we probably should remove the tonsils sooner in cases like your child's. The recommendations do leave room to remove the tonsils sooner if the infections are "severe" or "poorly tolerated." Your son's infections could fall into this category as he misses school with the infections. 
Speaking from experience. I was a child down with inflamed throat from tonsils every 14 days in winter time – and at every dentist's check-up, when I opened my mouth, the verdict was, your tonsils don't look healthy, you should have them taken out. Unhealthy tonsils affect the heart. That handsome, good dentist died in his forties from a heart failure. I, finally, got tonsils out at 17 and never regretted it. Tonsils have a function, but if they are unhealthy (with pinpricks of puss) and cause an inflamed throat, its sideeffects may be worse, than the risk of them missing from the throat. Take them out, it's an easy surgery for children, and they get to enjoy ice-cream.
My daughter is going through the same thing and it happened before (3 years ago). Fever very 4 weeks with swollen, pusy tonsils. Can someone tell me if the infections need to be bacterial or can they be viral to get them removed??
I, too, was a kid with swollen, unhealthy tonsils, sick every winter. Consult your doctor, i.e. if the tonsils have white, pin-prick spots (puss) as mine did, have them taken out. For a young child it is not a big deal. I had them out at 17 and good riddance. Unhealthy tonsils affect the heart. On the other hand, tonsils are there to guard against the germ onslaught, lest they themselves are unhealthy. Gurggling with salt water (not to swallow) is very good, but it does not alleviate the essential problem. Tonsils should not be taken out indiscriminately. Consult your doctor!
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