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My 10 yr old daughter has a "diaper rash" from getting new teeth.

Posted by Anne

Although it's years since she last wore diapers, the pain from the rash is keeping her awake at night, even when we use a good diaper rash cream on the affected parts, which are red and extremely painful to the touch. Painkillers like Paracetamol & Ibuprofen have no effect whatsoever. Her digestion is also upset. She's also very irritable a lot of the time (and why wouldn't she be, the poor child).

She reacts this way every time when she's getting new teeth, and has done for the past few years. She'a already on a wheat-free, dairy-free, artificial additive-free diet and doesn't drink acidic drinks like citrus and cranberry.

 Sorry, very long-winded but I wanted to say what we've already tried. Any suggestions as to what we can do? There's almost nothing on the internet, unless I'm using the wrong search words...

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