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Muslims Afraid of Islamists

Posted Sep 14 2008 5:33pm

Great Editorial on the Opinion page of the Wall Street Journal and Online as well. (you need to be subscriber to the online WSJ, which is the only online news service I actually will pay for).

The editorial is by Nalin Pekgul, entitled " Why I'm Leaving My Home -- Again"

Nalin is a Muslim. A moderate Muslim. With her family, she left Turkey in 1980 for political reasons due to the radical Islamists. Her family moved to a suburb of Stockholm called Tensta. Now she is moving again for the same reasons. She states,

The influence of Islamic fundamentalists has grown so much over the years that it is now impossible for me and my family to live there anymore. I'm tired of being expected to speak badly of Christians and Jews just because I'm Muslim. I'm tired of the hate preachers. I'm tired of seeing women condemned for the way they dress. I don't want my daughter to be exposed to this type of aggression in the future. So I will soon have to leave Tensta.

Over the years she has watched as radical Islam began to take over Europe, including Sweden. At first she ignored them and their hate for the West.

The Muslim fundamentalists are now getting stronger by the day. When the Islamists complain how the Europeans don't show any respect for the Muslim way of life, you get the impression that all they want is that we all make small, little adjustments out of consideration to their customs. But when have Islamists ever shown any consideration or respect for other people's way of life?

When you have seen Islamists throw acid in the faces of women because they don't wear head scarfs, then there is no room for compromise. They want to impose their ideology on the rest of society.

This is what I talked about here. Islamists cannot be appeased. They believe their scriptures tell them that they MUST kill the infidels; Jew, Christian, Moderate Muslim, Republican and Democrat alike. We are all infidels!

Miss Pekgul, a former member of Parliament, concludes,

All this puts the large majority of moderate Muslims in a particularly difficult position. Ever since the terrorist attacks in Madrid and London, people are afraid of Muslims. For millions of us in Europe, life has become very difficult due to ignorance, prejudice and pure racism.

At the same time, though, we moderate Muslims know better than the rest of the population in Europe what type of threat Muslim fundamentalists are. Moderate Muslims -- who already have experienced oppression by fundamentalists in their home countries -- want to be able to live as faithful Muslims in a modern European society.

This is a two-front struggle for secular Muslims. On the one hand we must fight the prejudice Europeans have about us as Muslims. On the other hand we must continue the struggle against the Muslim fundamentalists who reject society's democratic values. We need all the democratic forces to work together in this struggle.

For anyone who thinks the problem the modern world faces with Islamists is a simple one, this should open their eyes. We have a very big problem!

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