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Posted by Mountain Goat

For more than ten years, I have had a problem which, despite hoards of tests has defeated doctors.  So long as I eat every 4-5 hours, I am OK and can and do climb mountains, sail our yacht and go on canoe expeditions.  It is important, though not to do much after about 3 hours otherwise I suffer later by whatever bit I've used then giving severe muscle weakness and joint pain.  Food and rest for some 24 hours is then needed to get better.  If I've used a keyboard, I can get that it is impossible to turn on a light switch or flush a toilet .  If I have been going up and down stairs, I get unable to get out of a chair or even to walk unaided with knees and sometimes ankles affected.  I am male, 67, married, gluten and dairy intolerant (take Ca supplement) have carnivore diet and tend at meals to need protein and carb.  In last 3 years became mild asthmatic, and am using inhalers and prednisolone about once a year if I get bad.  No other medications.  Caffeine free.  Non smoker.  Wine most evenings.  Typical OK meal schedule is 3 am cereal and banana (back to bed)  8 am cooked breakfast  12 noon cooked lunch 4 pm savoury snack (like smoked salmon on toast) 7:30 pm 2 - 3 course dinner.  Typically if  I start to feel hungry it usually means that I am at risk of subsequent problems.  I need to eat on schedule and not exert when next meal is due soon.  So far, thyroid conditions, carpal tunnel, cancers and diabetes have been eliminated.  When I keep to regime I lead a very active life.  It is easy to get absorbed in things and to delay eating and then suffer later. Help !
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