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Muscle Spasms from head to toe ... almost

Posted Mar 20 2010 2:24pm
I can't even begin to explain or try to quantify the amount of pain that my body is in right now. The pain management team have prescribed Methadone for me (the drug that Heroin addicts use to become un-addicted). I feel as if someone has broken my neck and I can't imagine the pain being much worse than it is. I also have hamstring spasms that are causing a tremendous amount of pain behind my knees (left worse than the right)

Methodone works in part ... but I am still in a good amount of pain while on it. The thing is, it is causing me to retain water and I have gained 10 lbs. in about 5 days. I have to call the Pain clinic back on Monday to report that AND thank God I am going to my neurologist on Monday. My body is one big spasm. I think Baclofen is the next medication for me. I am tied in tight knots and the pain is excruciating. Along with a left droopy eye lid and muscle spasms in my neck, shoulders and hamstrings ... I am feeling pretty crappy. The rest of me is feeling pretty good.

On the upside. I got half of my eyeglass order (sun glasses which will be great for Florida) and it is amazing to be able to see with such clarity. Amazing actually. I hope that these prescriptions last longer than most.

I am in a quandry as what to do about my medicine: continue taking methadone and dealing with the fluid retention or get off of it and try to go to the Lortab to see if that will give any relief? I have Robaxin for the muscles but it is only working very minimally. I may call the VA 800 line for a little advice.

Nah, I opted for taking my Methadone as prescribed 5 mgs. 3 times a day until I can get a hold of them. The pain is too searing not to take advantage of some relief
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