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mPRO - Mobile Patient Reported Outcomes - Gather high quality patient reported data in a timely and efficient manner with tools

Posted Sep 30 2009 10:38pm 1 Comment
I search for Mobile Patient Data collection examples. I think there could be a multitude of applications where mobile devices could help the collection of data and sure that the updating of patient records are almost real-time.

mPRO - Mobile Patient Reported Outcomes - Gather high quality patient reported data in a timely and efficient manner with tools from Vodafone Global Enterprise: "Many drugs, biologics and medical devices in the pharmaceutical discovery and development pipeline hold the promise of reducing the impact of health problems in everyday life. The development process, however, is a complex and challenging one.

To introduce new treatments, regulators, sponsors, payors and patients need to fully understand their safety and value. The collection of accurate patient reported data in the development process is essential.

Missing and invented data has a significant impact on the study’s ability to detect treatment related differences. Estimates suggest it can be necessary to recruit four times as many people for a study where you have 50 per cent of data missing, to achieve the same statistical power as a study with no missing data.

Vodafone mobile Patient Reported Outcomes (mPRO) uses web and mobile technology to improve the collection and management of patient reported data."
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Hi Mr. Helge, 


I came across your blog on Patient reported outcomes and see that you too are awaiting the inclusion of  mobiles into the PRO space.. I have been doing some extensive reading on this as well and came across this... do have a look at it.


Patient reported outcomes are a significant part of the clinical trials life cycle and help in freezing on efficacy and critical determinants of the trial. Pharmaceutical companies involved in drug trials and research until recent years had been using paper based reports and were facing severe set backs in terms of adhering to guidelines and medication conformance. Along with these came several other obstacles that not only delayed the launch of the drugs but also deviated highly from the guidelines prescribed by regulatory bodies like the FDA, HIPPA etc.

With every passing day we are treading ahead with fast developing technologies and need to keep up with the pace. One of the fasted developing technologies today is the mobile phone technology. With shrinking spaces and evolving communication the mobile phone acts as a major instrument to promote existing processes and gives tremendous opportunities to new ones to develop on its platform.


PaDiSys – Patient Diary System is one such Mobile Patient Reported Outcome (M -PRO) capturing platform that is developed by NowPos Solutions, a Hyderabad, India based company working on mobile phone related solutions for the Bio-pharma and Life sciences industry. Turing the table to a new and more efficient PRO collection system using regular mobile phones, PaDiSys comes as the last stop for drug makers for efficacious and cost effective patient related information. A mobile phone based patient related information capturing technology that allows drug manufacturers and supporting functions to speed up study life cycles while being completely compliant to international compliance guidelines like CDISC, FDA, and Part-11 etc.


The key benefits that sponsors and CROs can get from PaDiSys are:

  1. Use of regular smart phones devices with integrated PaDiSys technology makes it a convenient patient device and a low cost solution
  2. Access to real time data and patient related information
  3. Higher patient medication compliance
  4. Higher patient intervention
  5. Simpler device logistics and device inventory management
  6. Real time access to PRO information by CROs, Investigators and Sponsors
  7. Proactively handle subject drop-outs or missed medication intakes
  8. Localization support technology makes it an excellent choice for trials in Asian regions


For more details log on to

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