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Mosquito And Biting Insect Protection Aromatherapy Style!

Posted Mar 19 2010 2:49am

Aromatherapy and essential oils are so much more than just having a great smelling home. Good essential oils can relax your mind and your body and can help you heal, too. Essential oils are known for their unique properties and when you choose them wisely you can do everything from cleaning and disinfecting your home to warding off pest.

Get rid of those bugs: Did you know that the right essential oils can ward off mosquitoes? It is true! You have probably heard a lot about dangerous insect repellants. You know you need to protect yourself and your family from those pesky mosquitoes. After all, they carry all kind of illnesses and germs that you do not want to expose your family to, like West Nile. When you go outside, especially in the warm months, mosquitoes are drawn to you. What can you do besides using those dangerous and expensive repellants? How about essential oils? It works.

How to use them the right way:

When used properly and in the right amounts, essential oils can give you the protection you need safe and naturally. You can forget the products filled with DEET. Instead, look at the essential oils at your local health food market. You should remember that while natural repellent will need to be applied more frequently, they do work and they work well. If you are outside for a long period of time, make sure you have plenty on hand to find out the worst of the mosquitoes. Mix the oils in a glass spray bottle and keep it on hand for when you need it. Also, remember that you can light candles that contain these oils to help as well.

Essential oils that work well: There are several essential oils that work wonders when to comes to fighting off those biting, pesky mosquitoes. Some of the most popular choices include tea tree oil, citronella, clove, and even peppermint. These oils are very strong, so use them correctly and in the right amounts to prevent skin irritation. You can also look into using other types of oils such as cedar oil, lavender and lemon grass. Strong smelling oils such as eucalyptus and castor oil can help ward off these bugs, too. These may not be as effective but are known to work very well. You might also try adding these oils to your soaps, lotions or shampoo when you know you will be out for a long time.

You should use caution when using any type of essential oil. Remember that these oils are not meant to be taken internally. This can cause serious digestion problems and could lead to poisoning. You should also keep these oils away from pets and small children to avoid accident ingestion. Remember that all oils are highly flammable, so it is best to keep them (and your body after being sprayed) away from flames.

Repel those pesky bugs the natural way and don’t get stung by the high prices of dangerous insect repellant.

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