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Morning Sickness and Meat

Posted Nov 17 2008 9:10pm 1 Comment

Though it's not widely known, morning sickness is related to a women's diet.  Cornell researchers first did a study about this back several years ago, and a newer study also confirms their findings.  The essence of these studies is that women tend to reject high-pathogen foods, like meat, early in pregnancy.  Here is a quote by one of the researchers:

"While there may be no particular harm in eating, say, meat, now that we have refrigeration and best before dates, our bodies may be pre-programmed by evolution to avoid these particular foodstuffs in the first trimester."

I have also heard some anecdotal stories from women saying the same thing.  One said she that while pregnant, she couldn't even touch meat without feeling sick. 

If a woman wants to avoid morning sickness, it's probably a wise idea to forgo or limit meat for the first trimester.  Further, the studies mention that foods like sugar, alcohol, caffeine, and even some vegetables increase morning sickness and should be limited.  In short, if a woman listens to her body, both her and the baby will benefit.

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According to one study, eating protein rich foods including meat may help reduce the gastric irritation in the stomach caused by the increase in gastric acid production. Just make sure that the meat is well cooked before eating.
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