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morning ritual

Posted Oct 07 2008 7:17pm



You'd think I'd be used to moving by now, but I still find it so discombobulating. But when these tools finally make it out from the boxes, there's a sense of normalcy and even a bit of a thrill to my life. It's all about the magic wand that dear Sister A gave me a couple of years ago. Its whir is really a purr to me at 6:30 am when the children are clamoring for their breakfast porridge and mama's attention. My half-and-half froths up full and light. Heaven, each morning. Oh yeah, there's fully-caffeinated fair-traded triple-x French roast, too.

It might seem strange, mama earth natural healer going on about her caffeine addiction, but as a healer these past 2 decades, I've found that one of the traits most supportive to our health is flexibility--in our beliefs, our bodies, and our rules for living. Caffeine gets a bad rap, it's true, for its ability to drain our adrenal system and acidify our systems. Certainly, overdoing it or drinking too late in the day will affect stress and sleep. Certain constitutional types at certain times in their lives can't handle the stimulation. When I'm under great stress, I am one of them.

But day to day, I'm an Earth type, as defined by Chinese medicine. I'm a Kapha type, as defined by Ayurveda. I'm a borderline personality who has a biological, lifelong tendency toward depression. And you know what, the bitter jolt my 8 ounces give me each morning help spark me to life. At the very least, they give me a reason to wake up in the morning.

Having left medications behind twice, I've devoted my life and career to dealing with depression, when possible, without the big pharma companies. Sure most of that plan is about regular exercise, excellent cooking and nutrition, social networking, yoga, tonic herbs, and plenty of outdoor time (and blogging?), but I would rather rely on 8 ounces of organically grown beans and all the pleasure they give than a pill made who knows where that is making money for who knows who? That said, those little pills can be a lifesaver, and if I needed them again, I'd be grateful to big pharma and the system that supports them.

Speaking of the system, in case you live tv-free like me, you might have missed this hilarious take on the big bailout. Scary times, these are. My hubby's been predicting it for years...

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