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Morgellons Disease

Posted Sep 14 2008 5:30pm

(Posted by Patrick Sullivan Jr.)

I came across this " Mystery Disease" article this afternoon.

Anette Riaubia, Morgellons patient, says "They start out like little pimples or something and you scratch them, and they bust open and they spring forth these weird fibers like a strand of a piece of cotton. " Annette Riaubia, lives in LA. She believes she has a skin disease called Morgellons.

Anette says, "The most disturbing symptom is just the crawling feeling on your skin like you got bugs crawling all over you." She has to wear a wig to cover the lesions on her scalp.


Dr. Omar Amin, Parasitologist, says, "There is no mystery to it." Dr. Amin heads the Parasitology Center in Tempe and treats patients from all over the world.

Dr. Amin says, "If you treat the cause and you alter the effect, then you know you're on the right track." His theory, the mysterious skin parasite called morgellons is really something he calls N-C-S or "neuro-cutaneous syndrome." He thinks patients are simply experiencing rare allergic reactions to everything from breast implants to dental fillings. He says the fibers are either carried into the wounds by nesting insects or grown from fungus festering under the skin.

Dr. Amin says, "The fiber is a by-product of the fungus."

Weird. But Dr. Amin is probably just a weird "altie" that believes ridiculous ideas about things like external toxins making the body do strange things.

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